Work backpack that stands up

WATSON’s all-new Pack 3.0 promises to keep up with the times with push-button access and sophisticated design. Founded by a former SUITS stylist and designed by a former NASCAR crew, the patented hard-shell pack is the first bag innovation in 100 years (since zippers). The Pack’s streamlined surfaces set it apart from youth backpacks, but it’s undeniably fun to use. “I have Fortune 500 leaders in my inbox telling me how fun it is to push the buttons,” said Val Crisp, the founder. Pack 3.0 is available exclusively on the brand’s website with limited-time promotional pricing ($419) through September 30, 2022.

The pack is the culmination of 10,000 hours of first-hand research at tech companies across North America: 97% of users admitted to feeling unprofessional or childish in their existing backpack (but don’t want to giving up convenience). And they spent an inordinate amount of time arguing over spilled fabric. The research validated Crisp’s observations: 1) The world had changed; technicians and executives had new needs not met by existing products. 2) These needs weren’t just characteristics, but also nuanced feelings about how they want to appear in the world. Crisp was uniquely positioned to realize this value proposition.

Most professionals compromise and buy a practical, professional or modern bag. But tech leaders, spoiled by the ultra convenience of life at their fingertips, want it all. The pack features stand-up architecture, push button access, waterproof seal, meticulously designed recessed pockets, ballistic nylon and genuine leather. Upgrading to the Pack often coincides with a major life milestone; a new job, a new city or finally the impression of having “succeeded”. It is a tool for self-improvement and self-determination.

Image Credit: Watson