wazirx: WazirX Founder Nischal Shetty Claims Binance Has ‘Control’ of Indian Crypto Exchange

WazirX founder Nischal Shetty said Binance – largest in the world crypto exchange by volume—holds a stake in his company, hours after Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said his company does not hold
part of the year in tI have Indian exchange.

In a series of tweets, Shetty wrote, “WazirX has been acquired by Binance. Zanmai Labs is a India entity owned by me and my co-founders. Zanmai Labs has a license from Binance to mine INR-Crypto pairs. WazirX Binance operates crypto to crypto pairs, processes crypto withdrawal…”.

In another separate tweet, Shetty responded to Zhao’s claims that Binance can shut down WazirX by saying, “We might shut down WazirX” – Proves you’re in control. “AWS Shared Access” – You have

AWS ROOT Access! Anyone with root access controls AWS

“WazirX domain transferred under our control” – Glad to see you confirm that

The only control now is Zanmai, why don’t you take it”.

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Shetty also stated that WazirX is still owned by Binance.

In 2019, Binance declared
that he had acquired WazirX – India’s largest crypto exchange. However, amid the ongoing “crypto winter” and a
recent freeze of WazirX accounts by ED due to suspected money laundering, Binance claimed that it only serves as a wallet service provider to WazirX.

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