unluckiest sam

THE Animation Film Chance, which began streaming on AppleTV last month, is about Samantha Greenfield, or Sam (voiced by Eva Noblezada), a girl who grows up in an orphanage, The Coleman House. Sadly, Sam has yet to be welcomed or taken in by a forever family.

Sam constantly has bad luck. At 18, she has to leave the orphanage to live on her own, but she is not ready to do so. Hazel, (Adelynn Spoon), a young orphan with whom Sam is close, often wishes Sam to find a lucky penny because it brings good luck.

On her first day in her own apartment, Sam gets up late, locks herself in her bathroom, her toasters don’t work, and everything goes wrong from the moment she leaves the house to her place of work.

After work, she visits Hazel to learn that her adoptive parents never showed up. Sam knows that it is difficult to find families, especially for older children.

While going through a streak of bad luck, Sam shares a piece of bread with a hungry black cat on the street and talks to the cat about his own troubles. After a while, the cat runs away, but Sam finds a lucky penny on the ground and his luck almost immediately turns around.

One day, Sam loses the penny after it is accidentally flushed down the toilet. A desperate Sam returns to the same place to look for another penny to give Hazel, to give her some luck as she is supposed to meet a new set of potential relatives.

Instead of the penny, she finds the same cat, looking for something. She realized that the penny had fallen from the cat’s collar.

Sam gives chase as she wants another lucky penny, and follows the black cat into a portal and accidentally arrives at the land of luck, where luck and bad luck are made.

She is looking for the black cat, whose name is Bob (Simon Pegg). The cat needs the “Travel Coin” to get into Lucky Land, but Sam wants it for Hazel, so they make a pact to get a coin.

Sam dresses up as “Latvia’s biggest pixie” and sneaks into the country, where she encounters a whole host of magical creatures.

In the land of luck, Sam keeps failing with every attempt, causing their plans to keep changing. These diversions from the original plan make the story seem endless.

Interestingly, the cat reminds Sam of her pure goodness and that she embarks on a journey to do good things for others and was willing to go through bad luck for others.

In short, the story is about Sam learning that there’s a good side to every bad situation. There’s something good about every bad situation, as bad luck has led her to meet Hazel and make new friends. The lesson is in the way we perceive bad luck.

Produced by Skydance Animations, Luck’s visuals are bright and attractive, and the land of luck looks magical with all kinds of animals like pigs in pink costumes and colorful insects, and everyone has a role in the land .

Traveling through the sky feels like a ride in a theme park, but there’s nothing really exciting about the process of creating good and bad luck and how it’s targeted at specific people.

The animation features a list of famous people giving voices to the characters. Among others, Jane Fonda voices Babe the Dragon, Whoopi Goldberg is the captain, and the most fascinating character is Bob, who is voiced by Pegg, a renowned character and voice actor. His voice matched the cat’s mischievous personality perfectly, and he speaks with a Scottish accent.

The animation is entertaining, for children, but maybe not for all adults. Kids would enjoy this, especially because of all the adorable animal characters, as well as the heartwarming ending.