Two dead after helicopter crash en route to fire in Turkey

Two crew members have died after a firefighting helicopter crashed in Turkey while en route to fight a forest fire.

Turkey’s Interior Ministry said the plane crashed in a field near Marmaris, a resort on the Aegean Sea, on Wednesday.

Officials said the helicopter traveled from the northern province of Kastamonu to fight a forest fire around the Yalancibogaz area of ​​Marmaris. Five other people on board were injured in the incident.

The governor of Denizli region said that an investigation into the accident had been opened to establish the cause of the accident.

A total of fifteen helicopters and eight planes were mobilized to fight the forest fire near Marmaris, alongside 500 foresters, 40 tankers and police water cannons.

Last summer, fires fueled by strong winds and scorching temperatures tore through forests in Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean regions, including Marmaris, killing at least eight people and countless animals.

The Turkish government at the time was criticized for its inadequate response and preparation to fight large-scale forest fires, including the lack of modern firefighting aircraft.