Trevor Noah and Letitia James burn Donald Trump with poetry

donald trumpLegal difficulties come from having verses. (Watch the video below.)

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is suing Trump and his three adult children, and the host of “The Daily Show” Trevor Noah roasted the former president with poetry on Wednesday.

First, James announced the lawsuit, which accuses Trump of “astonishing” fraud by grossly inflating the value of his assets to deceive lenders and tax authorities. The civil suit seeks to bar the family from doing business in New York and seeks restitution of $250 million.

“Pretending that you have money that you don’t have is not the art of the transaction; it’s the art of theft,” James said, referring to Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal.”

Noah couldn’t help but drop his own rhyme.

donald trump is in trouble now,” the comedian said. “Because when a prosecutor uses a rhyme, you’re about to make time!”

Noah noted that if half of what James alleges is true, “Trump is an even bigger con man than we all thought.”

Fast forward to 2:38 for the segment: