Traveling through the West

Isabel May has a quick chat with LYFE about her role in the Paramount+ western drama, 1883

THIS it’s hard to believe Hollywood is still relatively new to actress Isabel May. Although she only started her acting career four years ago, May seems to have already found her place in Tinsel Town.

And that comes from an actress who initially had very little acting experience. The California native only dropped out of school five months before landing her first major role in 2018.

But since he starred in Netflix Alexa and Katie, May has quickly become one of television’s most sought-after actresses. In fact, her role in the hit new Paramount+ series, 1883 officially crown her as the new TV star.

In the Yellowstone prequel, May wows viewers with her performance as Elsa Dutton – who is the central character and narrator of the western drama.

Elsa is the daughter of the Dutton family who travels west across the Great Plains to the last bastion of savage America, hoping for a better future in America’s promised land. Montana

In an exclusive interview with the Sun, May spoke about Elsa and her experience filming the series – which is set to premiere in Malaysia early next year on Paramount Network.

How has the popularity of the series changed your life?

“Not much! Life is like before the show.

Why do you think audiences around the world resonated strongly with the show?

“I think it’s the ultimate synthesis of the human predicament. No matter where you are in the world, those who have gone before us have traveled and overcome great challenges.

Have you always been a fan of western drama series?

“Not particularly. I liked the ones I had seen, but I didn’t know some of the classics.

Your character, Elsa Dutton, was considered among the many stars of the show. What was it like portraying her?

“A great joy and a great honor. I really loved representing her.

Can you relate to her somehow?

“She is choosing an unconventional and risky future. I identify with her desire not to follow the status quo.

Speaking of which, was there a particular trait about her that you didn’t like?

“Her stubborn refusal to listen would probably piss me off at times. But, in contradiction, that’s also what I secretly admire about her.

How did you prepare for the role?

“Vocal coaching, horseback riding, self-taught piano [Beethoven’s] Moonlight Sonata. An abundant amount of reading on the period.

What’s it like working with the likes of actor Sam Elliot and country singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill?

“A delight. All wonderful, generous and kind – as were all the cast members.

What was your most memorable moment on set?

“Every moment was memorable. Probably herding cows with a small crew on top of a plateau watching the sunset. It was a surreal moment.

If your character Elsa came back to the show, how would you expect her to come back?

“I think his story was told perfectly and ended as it should. A comeback would depreciate it.

Whereas 1883 is set to premiere in Southeast Asia early next year, Malaysian viewers can tune in to the ongoing Season 3 premiere of the original Yellowstone series – every Monday on the Paramount Network channel at 10:15 p.m. (unifi) and 11 p.m. (Astro).