Tim McGraw falls off stage during a concert. Still. (But he’s fine!)

The “cowboy” as a country star Tim McGraw couldn’t keep him from losing his balance and falling off stage on Saturday.

The singer was wrapping up his Boots in the Park show in Tempe, Arizona when he knelt down to thank his band, according to TikTok user @whodis88. As he tried to get up, he staggered backwards over the edge of the stage.

McGraw, seemingly unscathed, took the opportunity to bond with the fans.

You can watch a clip of the drop and fan meet and greet below.

It’s not the only time the singer has knocked himself over during a concert.

McGraw fell into the crowd during a performance at Harveys Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena in Nevada in 2016, The American magazine reported. The singer was in the middle of his song “All I Want Is a Life” at the time. I got up a few seconds later to continue his song.

You can watch McGraw’s previous spill below.