The 35th Annual Alabama Coast Cleanup is underway

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – People along the Gulf Coast were busy cleaning up shorelines for the 35th annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup on Saturday.

Nearly 600 volunteers mobilized to beautify the town of Fairhope and its shores.

The cleanup called on people in the community to try to get the trash out of the splatter.

“I love helping clean up and keep this place beautiful,” said one volunteer.

From the shore to the garbage truck, volunteers traveled the beaches of Fairhope and brought back bags full of trash and debris.

“We walk along the bay a lot and there’s always litter or debris and we always try to pick it up when we go out,” John Brandon said.

Volunteer John Brandon went out with his daughter. What started as a church project for young people has turned into a family tradition.

“I think it’s just important that you know how to put a group together and try to get as much as you can and show others that it can be done and you can clean things up,” Brandon said.

For many others, it was their first time participating in the cleanup.

“It’s our first year actually and it was kind of fun,” said a Girl Scouts volunteer, “it keeps this place clean and definitely helps the environment.”

Organizers said that over the past few years, about 100,000 volunteers have participated, picking up 1.7 million pounds of trash from Alabama beaches.

Paige Crawford, community affairs director for Fairhope, said the less litter there is to pick up each year, the better.

“Obviously every year we like to pick up less and less,” Crawford said, “it’s also a great day to raise awareness and let people know that what ends up on our sidewalks and eventually in our storm drains will eventually fall here on our Fairhope beaches.

Fairhope’s beaches looked much cleaner this weekend, thanks to the volunteers who took the time to clean up.

There was also an opportunity to recycle plastic and aluminum cans and bottles.

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