Texas governor gives Democrats in Washington DC a ‘taste of their own medicine’

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and other ‘junkless’ Democrats are now being assaulted by reality as police and health departments ‘pound’ amid an influx of illegal arrivals, says Sky News host James Morrow.

Mayor Bowser has requested assistance from the National Guard for what she says is an influx of undocumented migrants into the city.

However, Republicans in southern states say the problem is not new and they have been sounding the alarm for years.

Mr Morrow said Texas Governor Greg Abbott was giving Democrats a “taste of their own medicine”.

“Apparently 5,100 illegals were sent from Texas to the nation’s capital and the Democratic mayor says his city is at a ‘tipping point’,” Morrow said.

“Excuse me, but what does the mayor think this is for border communities? »