tata consultancy services: TCS asks employees to return to the office at least three times a week

Tata Consulting Services (CDS) has asked 85% of its employees to return to work at least three times a week, while senior managers have been asked to do so five times a week, according to people familiar with the matter.

The respective managers will prepare a list advising associates of their workdays, company insiders said.

The Tata Group The company sent out an internal development email earlier this month.

The TCS has not released an effective date for implementing the new guidelines, sources added.

“We are moving incrementally to bring our associates back to the office. This is in line with our vision of transitioning to the 25*25 model,” the company told ET, in response to specific questions. It did not provide more than details.

Most employees of IT companies have worked from home, while less than 10% of staff working on critical projects have returned to physical sites.

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IT companies have been facing issues of high attrition, moonlighting and talent shortages since the FMH Option was put in place after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

TCS had announced a new 25/25 model in 2021, to be implemented by 2025, under which only a quarter of the company’s half-million employees would be required to work from the office at any given time and not only spend a quarter of their time in the office. .

However, the company wants all employees to return to the office before phasing into the new model.

According to the company, remote work cannot be the only mode of work.

“Customers have started visiting our offices and labs and while we see the youth perspective on flexibility, customer requirements, choices, compliance risks and regulations must also be considered,” said N Ganapathy Subramaniam, Chief Operating Officer, TCS. “Our view is that we cannot have new hires who do not see a TCS office or interact with role models as mentors. Remote work as the sole focus will lead to a very transactional experience which is neither in the interest of the organization nor of these young professionals, as they will miss out on gaining holistic professional growth,” he told ET earlier this week.

No more than 20% of TCS employees have returned to work from the office, ET reported earlier this week.

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