Industry Leading Power Banks: HyperJuice 245

“HYPER”, the US-based docking station brand, recently announced the general availability of its two new 245-watt HyperJuice power banks. The company has previously funded HyperJuice power banks, with the IndieGoGo campaign attracting over 5,000 backers totaling over $1 million invested. Both HyperJuice power banks are industry firsts, delivering unparalleled amounts of power on the go.


The climate crisis is leading to heat waves and wildfires. here’s how

Along with temperatures topping 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), wildfires are raging across southern Europe with evacuations in cities in Italy and Greece. The oppressive heat is part of a global pattern of rising temperatures, attributed by scientists to human activity. Climate change is making heat waves hotter and more frequent. This is the