Seth Meyers shares his favorite part of Trump’s ’embarrassing blows’

Seth Meyers picked his favorite moment from the former president’s ’embarrassing shots’ donald trump filmed the day after his supporters stormed the Capitol.

On Jan. 6 committee released a unreleased video thursday of Trump recording a scripted address on Jan. 1. 7, 2021 on violence. In it, Trump refused to acknowledge that the 2020 election was over, softened language condemning the rioters, and repeatedly fumbled over the words, including at one point when he said, “‘Yesterday.’ is a harsh word for me.”

‚ÄúReally, the word yesterday is a harsh word? It’s three syllables. Maybe “yesterday” is difficult for him because he doesn’t understand the concept. I literally have no recollection of what happened more than five minutes ago,” Meyers said on “Late Night” Monday.

“I think my favorite part of this clip sequence is this move he makes when he’s wrong. He looks like he’s surrounded by a swarm of invisible bees,” Meyers added, mimicking the moves. from Trump’s hand.” Does he think he can literally fight the word with his bare hands? ‘Keep that three-syllable word out of the way or I’ll have to cut it into karate.'”

Watch the roast below on “Late Night”: