Russia says US and NATO are ‘main threats’ to national security

The U.S. quest for ocean dominance and NATO expansion are the biggest threats Russia faces, according to a new Russian naval doctrine signed by President Vladimir Putin on Sunday.

The 55-page document says the ‘main challenges and threats’ to national security and development are ‘Washington’s strategic goal of dominating the world’s oceans’ and NATO’s military infrastructure moving to borders of Russia.

“Russia’s independent domestic and foreign policy faces countermeasures from the United States and its allies, which are aimed at preserving its dominance over the world, including its oceans,” reads the doctrine, signed the day of the Russian Navy.

Moscow sees the Western military alliance – the Soviet Union’s Cold War enemy – as an existential threat, using Ukraine’s membership hopes to justify its Feb. 24 offensive.

According to the doctrine, Moscow will seek to strengthen its leading position in the exploration of the Arctic and its mineral resources and to maintain “strategic stability” there by strengthening the potential of the Northern and Pacific fleets.

He also mentioned Russia’s desire to develop a “safe and competitive” sea route from Europe to Asia, known as the Northeast Passage, via the country’s Arctic coast and to ensure that it operates throughout the year.

“Today’s Russia cannot exist without a strong fleet (…) and will defend its interests in the world’s oceans with firmness and resolve,” added the doctrine.