Paul Rudd helps Billy Eichner ‘bring the straight guys together’ to promote his gay comedy

Billy Eichner written and stars in “Brothers», the first major studio film with an all-LGBTQ cast. Best known for hisBilly in the street” show, he returned to the frenetic format to promote his latest film ― and brought Paul Rudd with him.

Nicholas Stoller’s film, produced by Judd Apatow, centers on a gay New Yorker who has given up on finding a partner. In a new “Billy on the Street” video, Eichner and Rudd rush around town wearing promotional T-shirts for the movie to “bring straight people together” to see it.

“It’s Billy. I’m back on the streets with famous and beloved straight man Paul Rudd,” Eichner said in the video. “We’re going to spread the word about my new movie, ‘Bros.’ Are you ready Paul? Come on bro!”

Eichner and Rudd first approach two men who seem excited about a movie called “Bros” and convince them to buy tickets, only for Eichner to tell them, “Lotta gay sex in it.” The men suddenly seem to lose interest, and Eichner and Rudd leave them in the dust.

That’s precisely why Eichner wrote “Bros” in the first place, of course, because rom-coms almost always focus on heterosexual relationships. Eichner and his on-screen love, co-star Luke Macfarlane, says the show “Today” they hoped “Bros” would be welcome in the genre.

“As a gay man, I watched those movies, and I cried and I laughed, and I got something out of it,” Macfarlane told the show of movies centered on heterosexual couples. “So I’m thinking maybe asking some of our straight friends to watch a gay couple fall in love and cry and laugh and get something out of it too. I think that’s what the movies are all about, it’s not about looking for ourselves in the movies, but about seeing how we relate to someone who is perhaps different from us.

It also comes with some pressure, Eichner says Variety.

“I feel responsible for doing well,” he said. “I worked so hard on it, I care about it so much and I want it to work well for LGBTQ stories to be lit. So I feel like a burden, as much as I want to sit here and just talk about how whose movie is funny.

In his video with Rudd, they meet many people who are excited about an honest portrayal of the gay dating scene. A woman says she likes the idea. In classic Rudd fashion, he then asks her who made her glasses – leading her down a deadly and annoying tangent.

“I have a movie to sell, okay? Eichner moaned as he walked away.

Eichner then tells someone, “Paul Rudd demands that you see ‘Bros.'” After promising he will, the man asks Rudd if he can “physically carry me there.”

Rudd not only tries but succeeds – prompting Eichner to shout, “Oh! We’re taking this man to ‘Bros!’ »

After recruiting “a pack of wild lesbians ready to spread the word” and running with them down the street, Eichner finds two young Gen Zers who are losing interest in the film because rapper Playboi Carti’s music isn’t in it. . They call Eichner not to know who it is.

“I know who it is,” Eichner retorted. “I can’t name a song. Name a song from Barbra Streisandbitch!”

Bros hits theaters in September. 30