Palestinian clowns offer hope to children in the West Bank

A pinch of hope in the form of bright colors and happy figures was seen amid the rubble of the war-torn landscapes of Rafah in the West Bank after recent Israeli airstrikes destroyed residential buildings.

Palestinian clowns arrived in their cheery attire, with balloons, makeup and brushes in tow, to brighten the faces of children who climbed the rubble to see the spectacle.

The clowns also performed acrobatics for the dozens of children near the ruins of the houses, hoping to help soften the shock of the trauma suffered by the conflict.

You could see children clapping to the music and laughing with the clowns.

reports confirmed that the latest violence comes two days after a truce ended the deadly conflict between the Israeli army and Islamic Jihad militants in the Palestinian coastal enclave of Gaza, as Israeli forces continue their deadly raids in West Bank.

Four people were reported killed, including two minors and a man believed to be a senior militant commander.

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