G-Dragon releases a rock cover of an Elvis song

WHERE On Sunday, singer G-Dragon released his version of the classic Elvis Presley love song I can’t help falling in love. The original song, released in 1961, is one of the most iconic songs performed by the late Elvis and has remained a favorite love song for many for over 60 years. The K-pop star


Sri Lankans queue for days to flee political unrest

Thousands of Sri Lankans are queuing – some for days in the scorching sun – for passports and a ticket to escape the island nation’s economic crisis. Qatar, Singapore and Kuwait are among the potential destinations for people in queues that stretch for a kilometer in all directions around the Immigration and Emigration Department in


Naeemah Abrahams and the Secret to Overcoming Evil – Do Something

Before Naeemah Abrahams name was associated with more than 90 public health research publications, she worked as a nurse. She saw things in Cape Town hospitals that strengthened her resolve for justice. There was a certain contempt for disenfranchised people in the public health system of the 1980s in South Africa. She often cried about


Charlotte Hornets’ Miles Bridges faces domestic violence charges

Miles Bridges, a Charlotte Hornets free agent, will be arraigned on Wednesday for felony domestic violence and child abuse, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced. announced tuesday. Bridges, 24, faces one count of harming a parent child and two counts of child abuse. In a press release from the district attorney’s office, Bridges