Original Predator Stars Praise Prey’s Amber Midthunder

THE blockbuster movie the pricethe last sequel to Predator franchise, released on Hulu last weekend to rave reviews from fans and critics. According to Disney, owner of the streamer, the price had the most viewers of any movie or TV episode in Hulu’s history.

The film acts as a prologue to the 1987 original Predator movie going back hundreds of years to the 1700s, following a predator that targets a Native American tribe.

original Predator Actors Bill Duke, who played Sgt Mac Eliot, and Jesse Ventura, who played Blain Cooper, shared their views on Twitter, praising Amber Midthunder’s portrayal of a young healer who takes on the Predator in the film.

Ventura praised director Dan Trachtenberg’s smooth work and welcomed Midthunder to the “Predator family”.

“Great, great movie. [Amber Midthunder] you certainly don’t have time to bleed. Welcome to the Predator family. [Danny Trachtenberg] Thank you for making such a thoughtful, creative and wonderful film,” Ventura wrote.

Duke wrote on Twitter: “Have you watched the #PreyMovie on Hulu, if not, check it out. It’s an amazing movie and [Amber Midthunder] is phenomenal. This young woman has a great career ahead of her. ace [Jesse Ventura] mentioned…welcome to the #Predator family.

Duke ended with “I see you”, referencing his well-known quote from the original film.

Mithunder responded to the tweets by thanking the stars and expressed how humbled she felt reading the comments. According Predator fans of the series, Midthunder did an outstanding job with the tense action scenes and gave a “unique realistic feel” to his character.

the price follows Midthunder’s characters, Naru, a skilled healer who dreams of becoming one of her tribe’s hunters. When danger strikes her camp, she sets out to protect her people. She soon discovers that the “prey” she is pursuing is actually an extremely dangerous alien warrior, resulting in a horrific fight for survival.

The film also stars Native American actors Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush and Julian Black Antelope, with Dane DiLiegro as the predator.

the price is now streaming on Hulu.