Nurses come to the rescue of a mother whose man burns while being induced

DETROIT (WXYZ) — On Sunday, Sept. 11, as Deveia Martin battled to deliver her sixth child Josiah at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, just seven miles away from her family home in Detroit and all that she had done to get ready for her little boy to burn to the ground.

“Around 3 a.m. Sunday morning my neighbor called saying basically open the door, open the door, your house is on fire,” Daveia Martin said. “I had a baby shower on August 27, everything everyone burned, just burned. What else should I do? That’s the only thing I could think of, what what am I about to do?”

As these thoughts raced through Martin’s head, the women helping deliver overheard his conversation on the phone.

“I think one of the biggest thoughts was how can we help? What can we do?” said Mesha Farrington, educator for the mother/baby unit at Henry Ford Hospital.

Farrington and his colleagues say they did what nurses are supposed to do. They helped this mother.

“Everyone was like, ‘Well, we want to help,'” Martin says. “It was just like ‘Do you really want to help me?’ like, ‘Do you want to help me??’

Henry Ford hosts a “baby shower” every spring organized by the National Association of Negro Businesses and the Professional Women’s Club.

At the event, heaps of baby items are donated to help mothers in need throughout the year.

Henry Ford Hospital says it sees about 2,500 births a year and about a third of those families fall into a need-based category where this program can help them.

Since the needs of Martin’s family were so great, the nurses were able to offer him goods from the program and they all came together to make a personal donation.

“It really was a team effort in that literally the entire labor and delivery team was involved,” said Dayna Heitman, assistant clinical director for labor and delivery at Henry Ford Hospital. .

Martin said: “It’s less stress because I was just thinking like, ‘I have to hurry up and heal so I can get back to work and get everything for my kids. “So having help? It really is a blessing, believe me.

The Martins still do not know what caused the fire in their house.

As Daveia, her husband and their six children look for a place to stay, they tell 7 Action News they will get a hotel room every night.

their sister-in-law you created this Go-Fund-Me you can donate if you want to help the family get back on their feet.

The Martins say they know it will be a battle to recover, but Henry Ford’s nurses have shown them that when times are tough, the community has their back.

“They really are heroes, seriously,” Martin said.