Mobile game spending: Three out of four brands are increasing their mobile game spending in India: report

According to a report by mobile-marketing InMobi company.

InMobi surveyed 205 Indian mobile marketing leaders, including senior executives from brands and media organizations, for this study.

India is the second largest mobile games market in today’s world. With more than 9.33 billion mobile games uploaded in 2021 alone, The Mobile Game Advertising 2022 report for India revealed a doubling of advertising spending on games since the pandemic.

The report also reveals how brands and agencies are addressing common myths associated with mobile game advertising that could be preventing wider adoption.

Here’s a look at ad spend according to the report.

Mobile game spendingETtech

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According to the report, 75% of brands have been advertising on mobile apps for more than a year, which has doubled advertising spending on games since the pandemic.

“Brands have taken notice of the growing consumer adoption and engagement in the gaming industry. As a result, mobile gaming advertising is changing,” said Rishi Bedi, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, In Mobile.

Rishi BediETtech

Some brands are hesitant to take the plunge and invest in mobile game advertising due to misconceptions about measuring its return on investment, allocation in the media mix, investment in the creation of advertising assets and brand safety around placements.

But the study shows that mobile gaming advertising outperforms non-gaming environments with up to 2x higher completion and engagement rates. Additionally, 97% of marketers who advertise on mobile games are satisfied with their experience and results.

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