Metaverse Dynamic Billboards: Metaverse Billboard

Roblox is a hub for metaverse marketing, especially when it comes to reaching Gen Z and Gen Alpha consumers, and it helps brands explore new avenues with metaverse billboards . Roblox is introducing a new way for brands to advertise in the metaverse with 3D promotions hosted in virtual worlds and games on its platform.

These immersive ads give brands the ability to transport users to brand experiences. As Richard Sim, Senior Product Director for Monetization at Roblox said, “We’re building a new ad system from the ground up that will deliver immersive 3D ad experiences. But we want to do it in a safe, creative and generates value for users, which protects the privacy of our users’ data.”

Already, Roblox has started testing these portal ads with brands like Vans and Warner Bros.