Live Updates: Russia’s War in Ukraine

Forensic technicians at the site of a mass grave on the outskirts of Izium on Sunday.

Other bodies, mostly civilians, including two children, were found in the eastern Ukrainian town of Izium, officials said on Monday.

In addition, two other bodies were discovered in Buchathe city on the outskirts of Kyiv that was the scene of mass atrocities early in the war, authorities said.

In Izium, 146 bodies, mostly civilians, were exhumed from a mass burial site, according to Oleh Synehubov, head of the civil-military administration of the Kharkiv region.

“Some of the dead show signs of violent death, and there are bodies with bound hands and signs of torture. The dead also have wounds from explosive mines, shrapnel and stab wounds” , Synehubov said, adding that all bodies have been sent for forensic examination to determine the final cause of death.

On Sunday, Izium Mayor Valerii Marchenko said the exhumation of the bodies would continue for another two weeks.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said at least 440 “unmarked” graves had been discovered in the city in recent days and on Friday President Volodymyr Zelensky said some of the bodies presented “signs of tortureaccusing Russia of what he called “cruelty and terrorism”. Russia has called Ukraine’s war crimes charges a “lie”.

In Bucha, volunteers found two other “victims of Russian aggression” in civilian clothes, according to a message posted on Facebook by the Bucha city council on Monday. The bodies were discovered while volunteers were patrolling the forest around the Warsaw highway near the Vorzel settlement.

A bit of context: Bucha’s name has become synonymous with war crimes after tales of summary executions, beatings and indiscriminate shelling emerged following Russia’s hasty March 31 retreat.