Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Manuel Miranda and More Ask Puerto Rico for Help After Hurricane Fiona

When Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico on Sunday, it caused disastrous landslides and destroyed the power grid, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without electricity or water. As the hurricane continues to batter the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean nations, celebrities linked to the region are calling for immediate help.

“It is vitally important that we do what we can to help our families in Puerto Rico, and now in the Dominican Republic,” Jennifer Lopez tweeted on Tuesday. “I team up with the @hispanic_federation in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.”

“These member organizations of the Hispanic Federation are on the ground to assess what the real needs of the inhabitants of the islands are,” added Lopez, who linked up with the organization. website. “Please support as much as you can.”

Fiona made landfall in the Dominican Republic on Monday evening, and threatened to become a category 4 storm Wednesday as it hit the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Lopez, a Bronx-born New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent, has long strived to support neglected US territory. The singer and actor donated $1 million to Hurricane Maria relief effortsa category 4 storm, hit the island in 2017, killing nearly 3,000 people. Porto Rico was still recovering from Maria when Fiona knocked.

President Joe Biden approved a declaration of emergency Sunday which ordered the federal government to provide the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which is an unincorporated territory of the United States, with desperately needed aid.

Writer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose parents were born in Puerto Rico, called for more action to help the territory.

“Much of Puerto Rico is without power due to Hurricane Fiona, which hit the island on Sunday, dumping more than two feet of rain in some places, causing mudslides and destroying homes,” said Miranda. wrote in an op-ed in the Washington Post on Tuesday.

Miranda’s article concluded that Hurricane Maria and Fiona reminded the world that Puerto Rico must resolve its energy crisis. In 2021, the territory’s electric utilities were taken over by a private companyLuma Energy, which said it was only equipped to deal with Category 2 storms.

Miranda also linked to the Hispanic Federation in a since-expired Instagram Story.

“Our kids call 3 places home: NY, [Puerto Rico] on their father’s side, and [Dominican Republic] on their mother’s side”, Miranda wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, for Parade. “Two of these places need our help right now.”

Other celebrities, including actor Zoe Saldana and singers Luis Fonsi, Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony, have also urged people via social media to help too, according to Today.

“My people of Puerto Rico, we are known for being strong and for our faith, and this will not be the exception! Anthony wrote in the caption of an Instagram post. “My prayers are with you.”

Martin, who lives in Puerto Rico, feels encouraged by his fellow citizens.

“Puerto Rico, once again we face another blow from Mother Nature but, as we have done before, we will rise again with greater strength and courage,” Martin said. said in Spanish in an Instagram video. “I know that together we will make our island shine as always.”