Jeff Bezos: US FTC Rejects Amazon’s Bid to Cancel Jeff Bezos, Jassy Testimony

United States Federal Trade Commission Wednesday rejected an offer from Inc to rescind requests that the Managing Director Andy Jassy and Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos testify at investigative hearings.

Last month, Amazon questioned what it called the agency’s “heavy” demands in its investigation of its Prime program’s enrollment and cancellation processes.

The retailer said the FTC was seeking to “harass” both Jassy and former CEO Bezos by demanding that they testify at an investigative hearing “on an open list of topics,” and requested that their testimony be canceled or at least delayed until the end. other company officials had testified.

“Amazon provides no reason why the Commission should accept anything less than all relevant testimony it can obtain from these two witnesses,” the FTC’s order said Wednesday.

He said must comply with its broad request for a June 30 civil investigation by October 1. seven.

Amazon said Wednesday that it was “disappointed but not surprised that the FTC has largely declined to rule against itself, but we are pleased that the agency has backtracked on its broadest demands and will allow witnesses to choose their own attorney.

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The company said it was cooperating with the FTC and produced at least 37,000 pages of documents.

“We are committed to engaging constructively with FTC staff, but we remain concerned that the latest requests are too broad and unnecessarily burdensome, and we will explore all of our options,” a spokesperson said. Amazon.

Amazon said last month that the commission first sent a request for investigative information in March 2021 as part of the Prime investigation and in June expanded its requests for additional non-Prime subscription programs.

The FTC order noted that Amazon is one of the world’s leading companies with net sales of more than $32 billion in 2021 and more than 1.6 million employees.

“In contrast, the FTC’s 2021 budget only exceeded $351 million, or just over 1% of Amazon’s revenue,” the FTC added in a footnote to the main text.

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