IITs score highest with record deals in 2022

Even though big-budget recruiters are bidding crore-plus salaries to a select few at India’s top institutes of technology (IIT), about 10-20% of students at elite institutes fail to land campus offers each year.

In fact, the number of those who do not receive job offers had even worsened due to nationwide shutdowns in early 2020. However, the record rise pitches Due to rapid digitization and a revival of hiring sentiment, the class of 2022 not only won the highest number of offers ever, but also saw a 15-25% increase in the number of students placed against the previous batch affected by the pandemic.

IIT Bombay has seen a 25% increase in the number of students placed in the class of 2022, despite a 15% increase in batch size.

IIT Madras saw 80% of students who opted for on-campus internships in 2021-22 receive job offers, up from 61% the previous year.


At IIT Roorkee, the numbers rose to 86.5% this year from 65.3% in 2020-21, while they fell to 76% from 61.17% the previous year at IIT Guwahati . At IIT BHU, 80.9% of students who enrolled in internships obtained workscompared to 58.5% for the class of 2021. At IIT Delhi, it was more than 82%, compared to 79.6% last year.

“No IIT has ever had a 100% placement rate, but this year has been exceptionally good. There are fewer students than last year without a campus offer,” said an internship manager at the IIT.

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ET took this data from the placement cells of the IITs. The percentage of placements was calculated based on the number of students enrolled in the process.

Some students also withdraw from internships each year, either to pursue higher education or to try their hand at entrepreneurship.

“The increase (in placements this year) can be attributed to a resurgence in job creation following the recovery of economic activity from the pandemic,” said a spokesperson for IIT Bombay.

Placement percentages vary according to the courses or programs taken by the students.

Although it is much higher for computer science students, those in majors such as civil engineering see a lower placement percentage. Similarly, undergraduates have a higher placement rate than those doing MTechs or PhDs.

At IIT Kharagpur, 86% of enrolled undergraduates have been placed in the class of 2022, up from 80% last year.

Of the new IITs, over 90% of UG students were placed at IIT Gandhinagar this year compared to around 80% in the class of 2021.

Students who are not placed – either due to low GPA or other reasons – try off-campus placements on their own or are assisted by the institute.

“Students who have not been able to convert to FTE (full-time employment) on campus are actively applying off-campus and the current placement team is also helping them by connecting them with potential recruiters,” Abhishek said. Kumar, Head, Center for Career Development, IIT Guwahati.

Lateral hiring

IIT Bombay students who are not placed during both phases migrate to a Hiring Side Group where they receive job notifications and information to apply directly to companies. Most unplaced students are also in contact with their professors and former mentors for opportunities.

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