Hungarian Orban meets former US President Trump ahead of Conservative conference speech

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met Donald Trump at the former US president’s golf club in New Jersey on August 2 ahead of a scheduled speech at the CPAC conference. Orban and Trump were photographed shaking hands at Trump’s Bedminister, New Jersey, golf course in a video released by the Hungarian leader and the country’s Foreign Minister, Szijjarto Peter. A close ally of Trump during his presidency, Orban is expected to speak at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference conference in Texas. Orban recently sparked controversy over a speech he gave in which, speaking of race, he said, “we are ready to mix, but we don’t want to become mixed-race people.” The speech was widely criticized; one of Orban’s advisers, Zsuzsa Hegedus, resigned after the speech, calling it “pure Nazi text”, according to reports. Orban then released a statement saying “my government has a zero tolerance policy on anti-Semitism and racism.” Hegedus in turn wrote another letter in which she mentioned her family’s history in the Holocaust, saying “this horror could only have happened because too many people were silent”, according to a translation in English. line of his words. Credit: Peter Szijjarto via Storyful