Forged Carbon Helmet: Focal Utopia

The Focal “Utopia” headphones are a new audio solution for users who want an immersive experience by enjoying their favorite music or content wherever they are.

The headphones are built with two 40mm full-range drivers paired with a beryllium-crafted M-shaped dome that work together to deliver immersive audio dynamics. The headphones are made with a copper and aluminum voice coil to further enhance playback. A series of high-end materials have been chosen by the brand to give the helmet a perfect construction, including forged and recycled carbon, aluminum and lambskin.

The Focal ‘Utopia’ headphones retain an open-back design which is enhanced by the honeycomb grille to further accentuate style and sound. Priced at $4,999, the headphones promise premium sound wherever you go.

Image credit: Focal