Festive Free Beers: Samuel Adams

“Sam Adams”, the Boston-based beer and merchandise company, announced that it is celebrating the 300th anniversary of its company’s namesake, Samuel Adams, which takes place on September 27, 2022. As part of this celebration , Sam Adams said he will give away free beer to 300 people who share the same name as Sam Adams, in a nod to his 300th birthday.

It’s important to note that only “Sam” is required, so people named Samuel, Samantha, Samir, Adam, etc., are all welcome to apply to be one of the 300 lucky fans of Sam Adams. Nominations can be entered online at the website dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Sam Adams, linked above.

Boston Beer Founder Jim Koch said, “Sam’s uncompromising nature continues to guide our endless search for better beer – and beyond beer – today,” speaking of the importance of company namesake Sam Adams.

Image credit: Sam Adams