elon musk twitter: Elon Musk says engagement on Twitter accounts is “much lower”

Tech billionaire Elon Musk shared a cryptic tweet and also said interactions with almost everyone Twitter the counts appear to be significantly lower, following the filing of a countersuit against the platform for a $44 billion takeover deal.

On the microblogging platform, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX wrote that “interaction with almost all Twitter accounts seems to be much lower lately.”

“Tesla + Twitter -> Twizzler,” Musk wrote in a series of tweets.

Recently, Musk filed a countersuit against Twitter in an ongoing legal dispute with the microblogging platform over its abandoned $44 billion takeover deal.

However, the lawsuit is not yet available to the public and a partially redacted version may soon be available under court rules.

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It’s unclear why Musk asked the court to keep the details of his countersuit confidential when the Tesla and SpaceX CEO had been a vocal critic of Twitter on social media and in press interviews in recent months.

Recently, in a tweet directed at Musk, a follower wrote that under SEC Rule 10b-5, Twitter “may be liable for omissions or misleading material facts. Waiver of due diligence does not mean that you must agree to fraudulent disclosure (underrated bots)”.

Musk replied, “Exactly.”

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