Dangerous Liaisons

IQIYIin collaboration with Grab, announced the upcoming release of their local original production Rampas Cintaku on September 23rd.

The original series is said to be one of the most realistic Malaysian dramas developed for mature audiences, as it portrays the truths of love and marriage that are rarely told.

Rampas Cintaku tells the story of Rizal, a young man desperate to free himself from the burden of debt, poverty and the harassment of loan sharks. He risks everything and moves to Kuala Lumpur to work in a nightclub for better pay.

He meets the attractive and wealthy businesswoman Datin Safieya who promises him a life of luxury if he agrees to be her lover, despite being married to Dato Jefri.

Desperate to erase his family debt, he accepts her offer, but ends up falling in love with her against his better judgment.

Fasha Sandha is the center of Rampas Cintaku as she takes on the role of Datin Safieya, a wealthy businesswoman who struggles between her own desires and family values.

Playing this controversial character will be a new challenge for the actress, unlike the other roles she has played so far.

Alongside Fasha is rising star Afieq Shazwan, who is known for his cute boyish looks and toned physique.

He gives Rizal a relatable air, who meets Datin Safieya in several fateful encounters before establishing their mutually beneficial but dangerous relationship.

With its twisting plot and compelling characters, Rampas Cintaku is sure to leave audiences wondering what happens next.

iQIYI Country Director for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Dinesh Ratnam, said, “Rampas Cintaku has a provocative storyline that explores some of life’s unspoken realities, including topics that most will avoid.

“We appreciate MIG Production’s shared vision in producing this series that defies the conventions of storytelling.

“We hope Rampas Cintaku will open the doors to more local productions with compelling topics, sparking conversations among viewers and putting Malaysia on the map for its quality content.”

Speaking about the bold concept of Rampas Cintaku, David Teo, CEO of MIG Production and producer of the series, said, “Having been in the industry for over 20 years, we always challenge ourselves to create content of quality that intrigues viewers.

“Rampas Cintaku touches on topics that few people are bold enough to tackle and we are excited to see the discussions this will create in our society.

“While we maintain our slogan Bukan Janji Tapi Pasti, (not a promise but a guarantee), we are confident that audiences will be hooked on Rampas Cintaku’s mature and challenging storyline.”

Besides the two talented leads, the dark melodrama features a strong local supporting cast including Zarul Husin, Aidil Aziz, Erynn Abdullah, Ady Mohammad, Zarynn Min, Puteri Balqis and others.