Commonwealth Games 2022: Australia v England netball result, diamonds in final, Layla Guscoth breaks goal pole

Australia silenced a crazed England crowd to knock out England and advance to the Commonwealth Games netball final.

The Diamonds were forced to stick their elbows out in a deadly and nasty clash at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Birmingham.

The Aussies prevailed 60-51 in a game that threatened to overflow at times.

The physique was revealed at the start of the game when England’s Layla Guscoth crashed hard into the goal post and ended up breaking it.

The match had to be postponed for several minutes and the players were asked to leave the pitch as the officials replaced the entire post.

With the scores at 3-3, Guscoth ended up straddling the post with one leg to either side as an interception attempt went awry.

“She literally rides and falls,” said former Diamond Cath Cox.

“I’ve never seen that in a game.”

Commentator Sue Gaudion also said: “Amazing footage. We never thought we would be stopped at three to fix a goal post. Incredible stuff.

Guscoth smiled shyly as she got to her feet and returned to her team’s bench.

When the new post was finally brought onto the field, Guscoth had to help rebuild it by helping struggling officials raise it.

The drama continued minutes later when Australian Joanna Weston was taken on by England’s Joanne Harten. The physical contest seemed to spiral out of control.

“There is no love lost between these two sides,” Cox said.

“Look at this. It’s for young and old here. Jo Harten came out to challenge Weston and she doesn’t like what she’s watching and no party is stepping down here. It’s just going to get worse if the refs don’t stay not above.

The Diamonds will face Jamaica in the final – the team that beat them in the group stage – on Monday morning (AEST).

The victory came after a perfect start for the Diamonds where they led 15-12 in the quarter and began to appease the crowd. The Australians led by no less than 11 goals in the third quarter, but when the gap was reduced to six goals with six minutes remaining, the home crowd went wild.

It took a brave effort to finish the game under such circumstances, and that’s exactly what the Diamonds gave coach Stacey Marinkovich.

Originally published as Wild scenes as star rides and bends pole in Comm Games netball semi-final