Cloud-focused Mini PCs: mohacloud pc

“MohaCloud” is a new startup that is currently funding its inaugural product, the “MohaCloud PC”. It is a compact mini PC designed specifically for cloud gaming and game streaming. As such, the PC is incredibly small and stripped down, taking up as little desktop space as possible while providing a seamless cloud gaming experience.

The MohaCloud PC offers interface options to connect to a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, as well as the ability to connect to an internet connection through a USB-C port. On the marketing page, MohaCloud shows that the PC is using a Wi-Fi connection with a mobile device. It is therefore unclear whether or not the computer will support a direct Ethernet connection when it is released.

According to MohaCloud, MohaCloud PC delivers true PC-level gaming by taking advantage of fast Wi-Fi speeds and the true power of the cloud.

Image Credit: MohaCloud