China ‘must play responsible role’ in Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Sky News host Chris Kenny said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent defensive moves and threats of nuclear war in the Ukraine conflict are “deeply troubling”.

“One thing we’ve learned about world leaders, especially autocrats and despots, is to believe their threats, they often follow through with their threats, no matter how crazy,” he said.

“Just as Putin followed through on his threats to invade Ukraine, we must take seriously Beijing’s saber slashing of Taiwan, and likewise, it underscores why the free world must be very calm but cautious in the face of the latest overtures of the Russian President.”

Mr Kenny said Foreign Secretary Penny Wong had met with her Chinese counterpart at the United Nations in a bid to “pressurize China over the situation in Ukraine”.

“Yes, China must play a responsible role here, its pressure on Russia could be critical – but the West cannot afford to rely on Beijing to be a responsible global citizen,” he said.

“Defending what is right is always important, but predicting the behavior of nuclear-armed despots in East Asia and Eastern Europe is a daunting task.”