Brownlow Medal 2022: Karl Stefanovic loses it to Patrick Cripps response

Karl Stefanovic burst out laughing as he asked Patrick Cripps about the celebrations following his Brownlow Medal win on Sunday night.

Cripps is the toast of the town after winning the AFL’s most prestigious individual award in a thrilling count and he showed up for work on Monday a bit dusty.

Stefanovic was in stitches when he was stitched up by colleague Alex Cullen with a reference to the breakfast TV host’s famous Logies award shenanigans.

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It came after Cripps admitted he was a little uneasy after the festivities at the Crown in Melbourne.

“I would go close to 10,” he said when asked how hungover he was out of 10.

“It’s been a long night. It’s all been worth it. It’s been a lot of fun. I had a few friends here and my family to celebrate. Yeah, it’s a weird feeling to be out so early. But it’s all worth it. sadness.

“I’m crying for some sleep right now. No you have to. It’s all worth it when you win the Brownlow. Gotta keep hitting the next few hours and then I’ll hit the pillow pretty quick.

When asked how long he had slept, Cripps replied, “Looking at my eyes, you can’t tell much. I’m crying for some sleep right now.”

Cullen then threw the interview to Stefanovic.

“I know one guy in particular knows how to show up the next day, regardless of what happened the night before. That man is Karl Stefanovic. Do you have any advice for young Pat?”

The question made Stefanovic laugh and cover his face.

“Yeah, I meant Crippsy bravo my friend,” he said.

“We have followed you very well this year. You have had an amazing year. One thing I will give advice, if you are staying at Crown and going to an awards show the night before, make sure you don’t not leave your eyes in the villa when you go down to make the cross.”

Stefanovic lost his mind at his own question and burst out laughing.

Cripps replied with a goofy grin, “I’m not gonna lie mate, my eyes, once I’ve had two beers, I’m done.”

Stefanovic ended the interview saying, “What a legend”.

Originally published as Karl loses to Brownlow winner Patrick Cripps: ‘What a legend’