Brad Pitt has more to say about retirement in a red carpet interview

brad pittwho recently hinted that he was nearing retirement, backtracked a bit on his remarks at the premiere of “Bullet Train” in Los Angeles on Monday.

The 58-year-old movie hunk told GQ in June“I consider myself on my last step” and called it the “last semester or quarter” of his career.

But when asked to elaborate as he walked the red carpet in Los Angeles, the ‘Ad Astra’ star laughed a lot. “No, I know, I know…I really have to work on my phrasing,” he said. Deadline.

“I was just saying, ‘I’m past middle age and I want to be specific about how I spend these last things, whatever they are,'” he said.

When Deadline pushed further, Pitt said, “I’ve never been a five-year-plan type. I’m just, whatever looks good for the future. And I still work that way.

After over 80 moviestwo Oscars (one for acting, one for production) and one tasteful knee length skirt for another “Bullet Train” premiere recently, it’s comforting to know he probably won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Pitt plays an assassin who shares a train with rival killers in “Bullet Train.” I hope there are many more matinee moments to come.