Boss in China installs cameras in restrooms to monitor employee breaks

A boss has come under fire for allegedly installing cameras in toilets to monitor breaks.

The southeast Chinese tech company denied installing CCTV in bathrooms to monitor phone use and smoking during bathroom breaks, The sun reported.

But three photographs of employees hiding in restroom stalls taking a break have leaked online, Red Star News reports.

The three men were pictured sitting on a toilet while smoking and using their phones.

The company allegedly used the footage to warn other employees of the violation of company policies, according to a leaked internal file.

But the photos have sparked serious privacy concerns, with many saying it was another example of ‘Big Brother’ surveillance in China.

One said: ‘The company should be punished for abusing surveillance cameras.

Another wrote: “They treat people like animals, with no respect and no humanity.”

A third called the decision a “dystopian nightmare”.

The company reportedly fired two of the men pictured, while the other lost his monthly bonus and received a warning.

The company said the employees “crossed a line” and deserved “serious punishment”.

A staff member told Red Star News: ‘The cameras will certainly capture private moments, but frankly politics has its pros and cons.

This story was originally posted by The sun and has been reproduced with permission

Originally published as Boss in China installs cameras in restrooms to monitor employee breaks