Blue or pink?

WILL BE Are you giving birth to a lively baby boy or a charming baby girl? Gender revealing that is creative has exploded in popularity among couples who want to know the gender of their baby before delivery. Finding out about sex is half the fun; the other half figure out how to disclose it! Looking for unique ways to make your sex more special? We’ve rounded up some of the best original ideas that are sure to ignite your imagination, whether you’re looking for a traditional, easy-to-disclose method at a small gathering or you want to do it all with a bang.

Balloon Pop Reveal

A simple exploding balloon full of confetti can’t be wrong! A balloon pop can be a fun way to reveal a baby’s gender at a party or photo shoot. To announce the sex, fill a balloon with pink or blue confetti and pop it. This idea works best with a huge balloon, which can be purchased online.

gender reveal bath bomb

Make your own bath bomb or buy one online. Fill a plastic container halfway with water and drop the bath bomb in it, revealing if it’s a boy or a girl. Guests can gather around her and watch her revelation.

gender reveal cake

Gender reveal cakes and cupcakes are also a wonderful way to announce your baby’s gender while serving dessert to your guests. Pink or blue cake can be used to fill the inside of cake pops or cupcakes. Unlike a cake, however, the party guests can all participate in determining the baby’s gender by biting into a cupcake or cake pop at the same time.

vote boy or girl

When your guests come for the gender reveal celebration, ask them to vote on whether they think you are expecting a boy or a girl. Votes can be counted on a nice blackboard or with strips of paper; just keep track of who voted for each gender. When the time comes, unwrap the sealed envelope to reveal your baby’s gender and rejoice! This is a simple and inexpensive gender reveal idea, but if you have a bigger budget, you can offer a modest reward to all participants who correctly identify the gender.

Bow ties and bows

Are your friends and relatives trying to guess the gender of your child? When they arrive at your gender reveal party, ask them to wear a blue bow tie if they think it’s a boy and a pink bow tie if they think it’s a girl. When the gender is revealed, you’ll have a great time figuring out who was right!

Throwing balloon darts

Turning your gender reveal into a dart board is a great way to incorporate balloons. Craft a plywood board with dozens of pegged balloons, one of which is filled with pink or blue confetti. Guests can fire darts until the confetti-filled balloon pops to announce the sex!

Reveal gender with paint

The paint can be used for both photography and parties. At a baby reveal party, you can have a paint can filled with pink or blue paint and open it. Couples who want to get a little dirty can load up water cannons with colorful paint and have their guests shoot them. Wear white to bring out the color and look fantastic in pictures.

handprint heart

Blue or pink? While mom is blindfolded, have the buddy dip her hands in paint and place them on her belly to draw a heart indicating baby’s gender. Alternatively, the couple can do it together and make a photo shoot gender reveal announcement for social media – as well as a keepsake that can be framed!


Powder filled pink or blue baseballs are an eye-catching way to make a statement! Partners will have a great time swinging and hopefully hitting the ball! If the couple already have children, they could put the baseball on a tee and let them hit it as well. Make sure there is a photographer waiting to capture the moment.