blinkit: Most Indians won’t use print-on-demand services like those offered by Blinkit: report

Only 14% of Indian consumers would use 10-minute delivery platforms to have prints delivered to their homes, according to a report released on Monday, while the company Zomato flashes recently started print on demand service in the country.

Of those who want such a service, 7% said it was for “convenience” reasons, and 7% said it was for both convenience and price, according to the platform. form of social media community LocalCircles.

On the other hand, 82% of households say they do not consider switching to a delivery platform for impression needs either for privacy reasons, or a refusal to change from the current pattern of using home printers or using nearby store services, or both.

“While platforms like Blinkit have promised to remove information immediately upon completion, consumer concerns are sure to persist,” the report said.

Whether demand from just 14% of households is enough to sustain printing infrastructure in markets where quick-service grocery delivery platforms operate is what will determine whether these request will continue or be interrupted.

The pandemic has boosted printer sales as students in schools and colleges in urban India took their classes online, had to print, complete, scan and upload assignments from home.

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However, as schools and colleges fully resume in early 2022, the need for printing has diminished again.

The report also revealed that due to lack of use or other issues, 28% of 10,514 respondents have non-functional printers at home, while 4% do not know when they purchased the printer. home printer.

Nearly 6% of respondents admitted to having used printing facilities at work and taking prints home, while 3% said they rarely needed to use a printer.

Last month, Blinkit announced that it would deliver prints to your doorstep in minutes.

The 10-minute delivery platform, acquired by Zomato for Rs 4,447 crore (about $568 million) said the facility is available in select regions.

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