Aldis Hodge confirms Viola Davis’ return to DCEU

THIS Looks like Suicide Squad leader Amanda Waller’s next appearance in the DC Extended Universe has been confirmed to be more than a cameo.

This was stated by actor Aldis Hodge, who plays Hawkman/Carter Hall in the upcoming film. black adam in an interview with Fandango. Hodge told the outlet that he will be sharing a stage with Waller actress Viola Davis.

“When I saw in the script that she was there, I was like, ‘I got a scene with Val? I get a scene with the GOAT? Hell yeah!'” Hodge recalled.

Davis’ reprisal for the role was first confirmed during the film’s panel at the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2022, though what role the character will play in the film’s story is unknown.

Hodge is not the only actor to indicate a link between suicide squad and black adam.

Dwayne Johnson, who plays the film’s title character, revealed that “Black Adam doesn’t care” about the group of supervillains that save the world, while responding to a fan on Twitter.

Whether Hawkman will fight alongside his longtime ally Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), acting as Waller’s representative or engaging Black Adam independently, remains to be seen.

black adam will mark Hawkman’s DCEU debut, in addition to his first live-action appearance since The CW’s Arrowverse, where he was played by actor Falk Hentschel.

black adam will be released on October 21.