Advanced GPU Thermal Systems: Evolution to the Top

Shortly after NVIDIA officially unveiled its RTX 4090 series of graphics processing units (GPUs), MSI announced its “Apex Evolution” set of high-end gaming GPUs. The Apex Evolution line includes four units, each of which exploits a special heat dissipation system that the company calls “Hybrid Cooling Systems”.

The four models in the range are the “Suprim Liquid”, the “Suprim”, the “Ventus” and the “Gaming Trio”. The Suprim Liquid is the flagship device in the range, harnessing a combination of liquid and air cooling. This card has a single fan and a closed loop liquid cooling hidden in the chassis. This results in significantly reduced temperatures compared to purely air-cooled GPUs, allowing for faster clock speeds and longer runtimes.

The other three models take advantage of a mix of air-cooling and passive cooling, with three fans and a large heat-dissipating heatsink on each model. Models vary in price and stock clock speed, with the most affordable in the range being the “Ventus”.

Image credit: MSI