Abby De La Rosa Opens Up About Her Polyamorous Relationship With Nick Cannon

Abby De La Rosa sheds light on her open relationship with Nick Cannon.

during recent maintenance With the ‘Lovers and Friends’ podcast, the model and DJ opened up about navigating people’s opinions about her involvement with the 41-year-old comedian, her transition to a polyamorous lifestyle and why she wants people to ‘stay away from my fucking motherhood.”

De La Rosa, 31, shares twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with Cannon, which hosts “Wild ‘n Out” on VH1. Speaking to “Friends and Lovers” host Shan Boodram, De La Rosa pointed out that being in a polyamorous relationship doesn’t mean “that you have low self-esteem or low self-esteem.”

De La Rosa – who said she was just “scratching the surface” of being a mother – told Boodram that although people have criticized her unconventional relationship, it doesn’t take away from her motherhood abilities. .

“The fact that I’m open in my relationship doesn’t change or take away from the type of mother I am to my kids,” De La Rosa said. “I can’t wait for my kids to grow up and be like, ‘Mom and Dad, you did it your way. And I love it.'”

Still, she admitted to being “oversensitive when people attack me and my motherhood.”

De La Rosa, who said she got involved with Cannon when she was 30, gushed that he had brought a “liberating vibe” to her life, and that although initially she was aware of the “type of lifestyle he had lived”, she was unaware of “the capacity of its true extent “.

Cannon shares twins, Moroccan and Monroe, with ex-wife Mariah Carey; a son, Golden Sagon, and a daughter, Mighty Queen, with Brittany Bell; another son, Legendary Love, with Bre Tiesi; and a daughter, Onyx Ice Cole, with LaNisha Cole.

Additionally, Cannon and model Alyssa Scott had a son, Zen, who deceased in December at the age of 5 months after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

It’s nice currently pregnant with her third child with Cannon. De La Rosa is also expecting a third childalthough she and Cannon have yet to publicly confirm paternity.

De La Rosa told Boodram that Cannon was her “main partner” and that she had been “monogamous by choice” during her pregnancy.

Although she has been criticized for her lifestyle, the mother-to-be says she is happy with her situation.

“Of course, yes, I can understand everyone’s disgust and disagreement with how I’ve chosen to live my life. And I find it funny too when everyone always comes around and says, ‘He’s kidding you. , he’s playing you,’” De La Rosa said. “Technically speaking, we all know each other. It’s just how much do you want to know, how much do you choose to know. And I trust the connection I have with Nick.

Thursday, while announce the birth of her daughter Onyx with Cole, a former “The Price Is Right” model, Cannon slammed her growing family on Instagram.

“As we all know, I’m not easily triggered and I’m pretty tough-skinned and I’ve always been an open book, but not everyone in my family has the same level of strength,” Cannon wrote in the legend of the birth announcement. “So I pray and ask others to please project all criticism and cynicism onto ME and not onto the loving and precious mothers of my children.”