A young boy playing with matches destroys two men in the fire

A YOUNG boy’s match game is believed to have set fire to two houses in Tawau district today.

During the 8 a.m. incident, it is learned that the boy had placed burning pieces of paper under a wooden cupboard in a room which then caught fire, and the flames spread to other parts of the room. house along Lorong Haji Sundu, Batu 2, Jalan Apas, The star online reports

The eldest child had seen the cupboard in flames and immediately alerted the others, who then notified the authorities.

Tawau Fire Station Chief Julius John Stephen said when firefighters arrived the fire had spread throughout the area, including the adjacent house, which he also confirmed was destroyed.

He said they managed to bring the fire under control at 9.57am and operations ceased at 11.10am after firefighters ensured there were no other dangerous items at the scene.