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Matt Glaetzer has been medically cleared to compete in the sprint at the Commonwealth Games after his horrific crash in the keirin.

The Australians’ quest to win three consecutive keirins at the Games came to a horrific end when he crashed at 70km/h on the final lap of his second race.

After his crash, Glaetzer eliminated England Joe Truman, who was knocked out almost immediately and suffered a suspected broken collarbone.

With his race kit torn to shreds, Glaetzer got up quickly and was handed over to medics.

He was watched overnight and on Sunday morning he was allowed to run.

Glaetzer’s parents have spoken of the “terrifying” moment they saw their son crash into the boards.

The Aussie was able to limp with a torn racing suit and burns to the right side of his body, although he had a large splinter of track wood removed from his elbow.

“It’s always terrifying to see your child have such an accident, regardless of age,” Meredith told Channel 7’s Sunrise show.

“I was always nervous and had butterflies in my stomach all the time (watching him race on the track) but he always liked to push the limits.


Who said Australians don’t care about the Commonwealth Games anymore?

More than 400,000 Australians tuned into the evening session from Birmingham on Friday and watched Channel Seven’s coverage of the Fremantle-Melbourne AFL game.

Figures collated by Mediaweek show the evening session of the Commonwealth Games recorded 765,000 viewers, of which just under 500,000 were from metropolitan areas.

The night session fell slightly to 705,000 and late night coverage fell to 461,000 on the opening day of the games.

Although a later than usual start at 8:10 p.m., the Dockers-Demons top four blockbuster drew 363,000 Tube viewers on Channel Seven. Figures showed that 280,000 Tube viewers tuned in to watch the football.

Friday’s two NRL games drew a combined pay and free-to-air TV audience of 566,000 (one game), a figure well below the figures for the Commonwealth Games that evening.


Imagine being at the center of the strangest rugby tackle of the year not once… but twice.

And both on the same day.

This is Corey Toole’s Commonwealth Games experience, after the livewire star was twice held up in bizarre gang tackles by opponents – it was all completely on top of it all.

Against Kenya and Samoa, the lively Toole was overwhelmed by the tacklers and lifted into the air – in an upright position – as he was pressed and moved slowly towards the touchline.

And so the 22-year-old is more or less stuck in the world’s least pleasant 45-second bear hug.

“It happens like once a season, and it’s happened twice a day for me. I’m a little light, so they’re holding me back,” Toole said.

“It’s not fun being next to five boys shooting at you. It’s just a big struggle, I get crushed in there to be honest.

On both occasions Australia had both a lead and a man in the bin – and were happy to let their opponents lose precious seconds.

“It slashed the seconds on the clock and worked in our favor,” Toole said.

“If my teammates come in, it’s a maul and they don’t have to let go.

“It’s better if they stay out and chew some time, because we were also in the lead. If we were looking for points, we could touch the ruck.

-Joe Barton


David Beckham and Ronaldo are India’s big gold medal hopefuls in the cycling team sprint – although having such recognizable names led to a quintessentially British incident at the airport.

David Beckham Elkatohchoongo – named, of course, after the English football legend – has revealed questionable immigration officers re-checked his passport at the airport due to their disbelief on his behalf.

Extraordinarily, 18-year-old David Beckham is competing in the Indian cycling team’s sprint alongside 20-year-old Ronaldo Laitonjam, who is named after Brazilian football god Ronaldinho.

“When I got to the airport, the (passport) inspector said, ‘Is that really your name, David Beckham? You’re lying, you’re not David Beckham,'” Elkatohchoongo said.